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As PERRIER celebrates its 160th birthday, the brand continues to amaze. To celebrate its anniversary with talent and panache, PERRIER is reimagining its iconic green bottle.

The new limited-edition PERRIER + STARCK is launched in the international market from mid-October 2023; a brand-new version of the iconic glass bottle whose shape has been celebrated, for the first time in its history, by visionary creator Philippe Starck. 

In the version glorified by Starck, the PERRIER bottle becomes a distinct and unique creative object, both remarkable and elegant, without compromise to its iconic shape. Taking inspiration from Fresnel’s optical lens design and the way it diffracts light, the thin horizontal streaks carved into the glass surface of the PERRIER + STARCK bottle create visual interest through a play on optics and light, illuminating the tremendous energy source and poetry contained within its bubbles. A creative evolution in terms of both design and functionality to celebrate the legendary energy of the French symbol, PERRIER.

The fruit of this collaboration between PERRIER and Philippe Starck marks the latest in the brand’s decades-long history of elevating esthetics with the world’s most renowned creative figures, from Takashi Murakami and Raymond Savignac to Andy Warhol and Salvador Dalí. A creative evolution in terms of both design and functionality to celebrate the legendary energy of the French symbol — PERRIER. 

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Philippe Starck, world-famous creator with multifaceted inventiveness, is always focused on the essential, his vision: that creation, whatever form it takes, must improve the lives of as many people as possible. This philosophy has made him one of the pioneers and central figures of the concept of “democratic design”.


By employing his prolific work across all domains, from everyday products (furniture, a citrus squeezer, electric bikes, an individual wind turbine), to architecture (hotels, restaurants that aspire to be stimulating places) and naval and spatial engineering, he continually pushes the boundaries and requirements of design, becoming one of the most visionary and renowned creators of the international contemporary scene.