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Perrier Singapore

Perrier + Starck | 311ml x 4 Glass Bottles

Perrier + Starck | 311ml x 4 Glass Bottles

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In celebration of 160 years of sharing its refreshing, effervescent spirit with the world, PERRIER has joined forces with iconic French creator Philippe Starck to design the PERRIER + STARCK limited edition bottle. A veritable objet d’art inspired by Fresnel’s optical lens, the bottle’s emblematic shape has been elevated with thin, horizontal streaks that choreograph optics and light, producing a luminous effect that partners perfectly with the boundless energy and poetry captured inside. With it, PERRIER satisfies both thirst and a desire for innovation and elegance. 

Size & Format

311ml & Cluster Pack of 4 glass bottles


Carbonated Mineral Water


The PERRIER + STARCK glass bottle is a perfect, thirst-quenching choice

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